Sunday, October 24, 2010

SADIE and Ryan

Its been a while and a lot has happened. SADIE and I had the privilege in going to Georgia and being a part of a fund raiser for Paws for Vets and the WTU/AW2. It was a blast and SADIE did very well. Going to Georgia was the longest road trip for SADIE and me. The hospitality that everyone showed was great. Then we went to Alderson for a visit with the inmates. I was sort of put on the spot to speak but all in all I though I did well and SADIE always shines. The look in the inmates eyes when I told them they were making a difference was heart filling. These women work hard and they are so greatful to have the program as am I. Hunting is going well and Friday SADIE and i will be taking a crack at squirrel hunting. I am going to start with a 22 and see how she acts. If that doesn't go well then ill give her time to rest and come up with a new game plan. Hope everyone is doing well and take it easy.
Ryan and SADIE out.